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Jogger Pants: Comfort While Also Looking Good

Since the dawn of time, man has had a problem during the time of winter. On one end, he wants to go out of his house looking good. On the other hand, winter is a cold time, and comfort and warmth are paramount.
The two types of pants that don’t support these needs



Everyone has a pair of favorite sweatpants. They’re those pants that you can throw on to make it feel like you’re lying in bed, even when you’re walking around. All in all, they’re perfect.
So comfort is covered, but style is not. Normal sweatpants are big and baggy. Big and baggy has never been fashionable for men – that’s why it’s so important to make that your suits are tailored and your dress shirts grip your skin. In all honesty, any man (or woman, actually) wearing regular sweatpants out in public looks like he just doesn’t care that day.
Not only that, but they’re not practical. Have you ever put your keys, wallet, and phone into your sweatpants… just to sit down and have everything slide out like an avalanche? They’re comfortable, but they don’t look good, and they’re really not great for traveling. Continue reading