J.Wax SS2015 Collection


Today we’re here to talk about a project which definitely is getting less attention than it deserves. Hong Kong streetwear shop Urban Sapes recently launched a new clothing line dubbed J.Wax which has just hit the shelves and brings a breath of fresh air to the rather circular streetwear fashion industry.

The story of J.Wax lies with the founder’s past working for a fabric dealer called African Premier. Jeremy, the founder of the project, explains how he worked with African Premier for 2 years getting to know all the ins and outs of African wax prints, which models were popular and what symbolism laid behind each color and design. These fabrics have a history that dives so deep and is so rich – unfortunately the average Western Joe only sees the tip of the iceberg – and J.Wax’s target is to bring these beautiful and rich prints and their heritage into the streetwear game.

We see so many brands release a batch of black t-shirts printed in white with a bandana design, weed leaves or a random number. Jeremy explains “We wanted to bring something fresh to the fashion game. I’ve seen a few brands that set the trends, and I’ve seen hundreds of smaller “follower” brands rush onto the bandwagon, making the same stuff with a small different twist to it. That’s not what we wanted. We aim to push back the boundaries of streetwear – to build up a synergy between African fabrics and urban fashion. My experience with streetwear in the past few years is that what was setting the trend was black and gothic inspired gear. The early adopters started dressing all in black, and pretty soon it became mainstream – so much that today those early adopters are looking for something new, something different, something fresh. I say, give ’em some J.Wax.”

Below is the lookbook from the very first production of the brand, including 4 different t-shirts. Stay tuned for the future releases which will apparently include hats, t-shirts, polos and more! All the t-shirts are available on the Urban Sapes for $29,99.

Black/Blue model

JWax-Black-T-shirt-with-Sky-Blue-Real-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX001-02 JWax-Black-T-shirt-with-Sky-Blue-Real-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX001-03 JWax-Black-T-shirt-with-Sky-Blue-Real-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX001-04


Black/Red modelJWax-Black-T-shirt-with-Red-Brown-Dutch-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX002-01 JWax-Black-T-shirt-with-Red-Brown-Dutch-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX002-02 JWax-Black-T-shirt-with-Red-Brown-Dutch-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX002-03 JWax-Black-T-shirt-with-Red-Brown-Dutch-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX002-04

White/Blue model

JWax-white-T-shirt-with-Sky-blue-real-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX003-01 JWax-white-T-shirt-with-Sky-blue-real-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX003-02 JWax-white-T-shirt-with-Sky-blue-real-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX003-03 JWax-white-T-shirt-with-Sky-blue-real-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX003-04

White/Red model

JWax-white-T-shirt-with-red-brown-dutch-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX003-01 JWax-white-T-shirt-with-red-brown-dutch-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX003-02 JWax-white-T-shirt-with-red-brown-dutch-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX003-03 JWax-white-T-shirt-with-red-brown-dutch-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX003-04 JWax-white-T-shirt-with-red-brown-dutch-Wax-Fabric-Pocket-dg-JWAX003-05


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