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Hypebeast x SBTG x Nike – Air Huarache Camo AWOL


In the era of customizing sneakers, we have to say it’s getting more and more difficult to stand out and be noticed out there in the swarm of daily sports shoes releases. Some though manage to strike home every time and one of these special talents is Mark Ong, who also goes by the name SBTG, who has been one of the top custom sneaker designers for years now. So detailed and precise are his pieces that sneakerheads hail them as art more than something you’d go jogging in. Army prints and themes, as well as punk rock are two major influences that keep popping back up in his work, and the latest release which sees collaborating on the project Hypebeast magazine and Nike is particularly interesting.

The Singaporean artist has used the Nike Air Huarache as the canvas for his latest design dubbed “AWOL Camo”. The main features on this piece are an upper military green which is crafted from individual panels of camo print, the signature of Ong.

A white midsole and black bottom sole come to complete the shoe, which will feature some nice finishing details sucj as a custom tongue label and a matching packaging box which comes with a camera strap inside.

The sneakers are going to be released on the 30th of April so stay tuned and if you like them (we mean really, really like them) then you’ll have to part with 500$, available from the Hypebeast Store.

sbtg-for-hypebeast-nike-air-huarache-awol-camo-part-1-07 sbtg-for-hypebeast-nike-air-huarache-awol-camo-part-1-06-2 sbtg-for-hypebeast-nike-air-huarache-awol-camo-part-1-05 sbtg-for-hypebeast-nike-air-huarache-awol-camo-part-1-04 sbtg-for-hypebeast-nike-air-huarache-awol-camo-part-1-03-2 sbtg-for-hypebeast-nike-air-huarache-awol-camo-part-1-02-2Nike Air Huarache SBTG Hypebeast

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