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How To Pick The Right Suit, Depending on Your Body Type

In our opinion, suits are the most interesting type of men’s clothing.

On one hand, in the right suit, you can look sharp. You can look really sharp. You can look so sharp that the girls stop and stare wherever you go.

british suit

On the other hand, in the wrong suit, you look like a total slob. Even though what you’re wearing is formal, if it doesn’t fit you well, you don’t look formal.

There are actually a few different types of suits – this is your guide to choosing the right one for your body type. It’s the first step towards getting that sharp look that makes them stop and stare.

Before we begin: determining your body type

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. How lean are you?

Be honest, because this is the deciding factor in which type of suit you should wear.

If you consider yourself to be anywhere from average to athletic, then you should wear a European suit.
If you consider yourself to be anywhere from average to overweight, then you should wear an American suit.
If you’re either or and looking to try something different, you should wear a continental suit.

Below, we’ll break down the characteristics of each so that you can know why we just recommended what we did.

Suit Type #1: American

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This is the classic suit that Americans have worn since suits became popular.

Originally, they were developed because on average, Americans are just bigger than Europeans. The slim European suits looked ridiculous on the average American, and of course, the point of a suit is to look sharp – not ridiculous.

So, the American suit was born. It’s characterized by wider shoulders, a more forgiving torso section, and a wider opening at the bottom to accommodate any love handles or extra fat around that section.

Suit Type #2: European

british men's suit

European suits are what started it all – they’re sleek, slim, and often times, borderline tight.

You should wear a European suit if and only if you can pull it off. They’re sort of like dress shirts – if you can pull of the slim-fitting ones, you should. It’s the right fit for your body.

But the last thing you want to do is wear a European suit if you’re overweight – the material will hug your fat, which won’t make you look sharp.

At all.

Suit Type #3: Continental


If you think you have your style under control and want to spring for something out of the ordinary, try a continental suit.

These are the traditional European suits, characterized especially by Italians. They feature wide shoulders, a shorter length, and high armholes to give you a unique appearance.

We wouldn’t recommend buying a continental suit online – there’s a good chance that you’ll buy it and end up looking ridiculous. Go into a store and try one on, though – if you can make it work, you’ll look more fashionable than anyone else in the room.

So you see? Suits aren’t too complicated – the first step is simply determining which type of suit to wear.

Determine your body type, see the features of each suit type above, and narrow down your browsing when you go to buy a suit. You’ll find that more and more suits you try on look sharp on you.

Good luck!


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