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How To Pick The Right Suit, Depending on Your Body Type

In our opinion, suits are the most interesting type of men’s clothing.

On one hand, in the right suit, you can look sharp. You can look really sharp. You can look so sharp that the girls stop and stare wherever you go.

british suit

On the other hand, in the wrong suit, you look like a total slob. Even though what you’re wearing is formal, if it doesn’t fit you well, you don’t look formal.

There are actually a few different types of suits – this is your guide to choosing the right one for your body type. It’s the first step towards getting that sharp look that makes them stop and stare.

Before we begin: determining your body type

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. How lean are you?

Be honest, because this is the deciding factor in which type of suit you should wear.

If you consider yourself to be anywhere from average to athletic, then you should wear a European suit.
If you consider yourself to be anywhere from average to overweight, then you should wear an American suit.
If you’re either or and looking to try something different, you should wear a continental suit.

Below, we’ll break down the characteristics of each so that you can know why we just recommended what we did.

Suit Type #1: American

american men's suit

This is the classic suit that Americans have worn since suits became popular.

Originally, they were developed because on average, Americans are just bigger than Europeans. The slim European suits looked ridiculous on the average American, and of course, the point of a suit is to look sharp – not ridiculous.

So, the American suit was born. It’s characterized by wider shoulders, a more forgiving torso section, and a wider opening at the bottom to accommodate any love handles or extra fat around that section.

Suit Type #2: European

british men's suit

European suits are what started it all – they’re sleek, slim, and often times, borderline tight.

You should wear a European suit if and only if you can pull it off. They’re sort of like dress shirts – if you can pull of the slim-fitting ones, you should. It’s the right fit for your body.

But the last thing you want to do is wear a European suit if you’re overweight – the material will hug your fat, which won’t make you look sharp.

At all.

Suit Type #3: Continental


If you think you have your style under control and want to spring for something out of the ordinary, try a continental suit.

These are the traditional European suits, characterized especially by Italians. They feature wide shoulders, a shorter length, and high armholes to give you a unique appearance.

We wouldn’t recommend buying a continental suit online – there’s a good chance that you’ll buy it and end up looking ridiculous. Go into a store and try one on, though – if you can make it work, you’ll look more fashionable than anyone else in the room.

So you see? Suits aren’t too complicated – the first step is simply determining which type of suit to wear.

Determine your body type, see the features of each suit type above, and narrow down your browsing when you go to buy a suit. You’ll find that more and more suits you try on look sharp on you.

Good luck!


all black everything

All Black Everything: Arguably 2015’s best look to go for

Usually, when you picture someone wearing all black, you picture someone who’s goth or emo.

And usually, this is true. But recently, there has been a movement called All Black Everything – it’s the act of wearing all black and looking like a put-together gentleman while doing so.

This is your basic guide to starting the All Black Everything look – only you can create your own unique style, but this will get you started off on the right direction.

First: what constitutes “All Black”?

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The Basics: So you want to wear print pants?

print pants for men

Shirts are never a problem. A little paisley pattern, some flower print, just wear a plain chino and you’re golden. But print pants? Now that’s another question. It can be tricky, and it can be catastrophic. Wallpaper immediately comes to mind.

That’s why Bese Saka came up with some small tips to be aware of to make sure your print game is on point. If your trousers are going to be the center of attention when it comes to checking out your outfit, you want good attention, right? Continue reading

Wool vs. Cotton vs. Polyester: Pros & Cons of Each

Walk into any clothing store and you’ll be bombarded with a slew of different clothing tags all claiming different percentages of different fabrics. Wrapping your head around it can be difficult, but it’s essential that you know the pros and cons of each so that you can make educated purchases – especially when shopping online. The last thing you want to do is order something and have it show up at your doorstep completely different from what you imagined.

Wool: expensive, but high quality


Wool fabric

Wool is made from the coats of sheep. Have you ever touched a sheep? They’re warm and fuzzy – that’s exactly what wool clothing feels like. Continue reading

Protect Ur Dome – The Headwear Showdown

We got some good news and some bad news for y’all. Summer is just round the corner and soon we’ll all be sipping mojitos and smoking blunts in the sunset, barbecuing and all. But you know it’s important to protect yourself from the sun, and we’re NOT talking about sunscreen. Getting yourself kitted out ASAP with some headgear is easy to figure out. What is not so easy is what to use. The most classic of us will go for the snapback, as it’s difficult to go wrong with that. But the more hype kind of animals will maybe want to turn to something a bit fresher… and that something comes in the shape of a bucket hat. Yep, you heard me right. Bucket hats ain’t nothing new, Run DMC were rocking it while most of the readers here were coloring their scribbles at kindergarten, and while it’s never gone completely out of style, it’s definitely hitting the scene hard this summer. Here’s a selection we’ve prepared for you including some of the hottest designers and brands out there!





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Jogger Pants: Comfort While Also Looking Good

Since the dawn of time, man has had a problem during the time of winter. On one end, he wants to go out of his house looking good. On the other hand, winter is a cold time, and comfort and warmth are paramount.
The two types of pants that don’t support these needs



Everyone has a pair of favorite sweatpants. They’re those pants that you can throw on to make it feel like you’re lying in bed, even when you’re walking around. All in all, they’re perfect.
So comfort is covered, but style is not. Normal sweatpants are big and baggy. Big and baggy has never been fashionable for men – that’s why it’s so important to make that your suits are tailored and your dress shirts grip your skin. In all honesty, any man (or woman, actually) wearing regular sweatpants out in public looks like he just doesn’t care that day.
Not only that, but they’re not practical. Have you ever put your keys, wallet, and phone into your sweatpants… just to sit down and have everything slide out like an avalanche? They’re comfortable, but they don’t look good, and they’re really not great for traveling. Continue reading